Individual and Group Training Sessions:Brown Athletic Division offers basketball development skill classes in either a personal or group setting. These sessions typically consist of 1-hour increments in which the student-athlete learns both basic and advanced basketball techniques.

1-on-1 Individual Training:

In 1-on-1 individual training: 1-on-1 sessions are not a “one-size-fits-all” type of training, but are specifically geared towards each athlete’s skill level so they will be challenged.  Our 1-on-1 training consists of:

Personal Assessment:  On the first day/session the student-athlete is given an assessment to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and from that a specific work-out plan is created for that participant. The primary benefit of this type of program is that it enables more concentrated training.

Customized Drills:  Repetition of fundamental drills is emphasized so that it will help enable the student-athlete to have a mastery over particular skill sets.  Repetition of drills will also help to build self-confidence, which leads to promising results inside the classroom.

Individual training comprise of 1-hour workouts with 2 or less participants:

1 – session: $25.00

5 – sessions: $115.00

Group Training:

Group Training is an opportunity in which the student athlete can improve his skillset in a learning environment, but will also apply that skillset in a group competition setting with other student athletes.  Normally group sessions will consist of no more than 10 players.  Group training consists of:

Skills and Drills: In the group training session, basketball fundamentals are taught thru skill-drills that are designed to train the youth to exercise teamwork, decision-making, work ethic and determination.

Competition Drills:  At BAD we believe that friendly competition can help a person push themselves to greater heights, and in the group setting we encourage that type of competition.  The student athletes will be able to apply the skills that they have learned against other athletes so that they can truly see their development and improvement.


Basketball Clinics and Camps:
B.A.D. also offers basketball clinics and camps for the youth. These events are held at various locations and they are geared for youth to gain knowledge of the game in a fun atmosphere with their friends.  Basketball clinics last for 1-2 days, while basketball camps will span 3-4 days. These camps can be exhausting for the participants, but fun and filled with exercise!

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Afterschool Program/Tutoring:
B.A.D. will offer a sports-based afterschool program that allows students to be tutored on subjects in which they may be struggling. Education is a very important part of what we look to promote. Our program facilitators will monitor the progress of each student scholastically and will help to keep each student active and engaged in school.