Brown Athletic Division

Welcome to Brown Athletic Division.  It’s a BAD, BAD world out there.  Here at B.A.D., we are helping to make it a better place one youth, one life at a time.  Brown Athletic Division is not just a typical basketball training organization, but we are so much more.  We are a community organization that looks to grow and strengthen the community by empowering our youth.  At B.A.D. we believe in developing skills that go much further than just the world of sports.  We offer a variety of programs from group and personal training, to after school programs, tutoring and more.  BAD is an active and positive force throughout the communities in which it serves.

Our goal at B.A.D. is to not only train the body, but also the mind and the spirit.  We are 100% dedicated to helping youth become greater students, leaders and athletes.  We pride ourselves in helping each youth reach that next level, whether it’s making their school team, or cracking that starting line-up, or even making it to college on a scholarship.  Brown Athletic Division focuses on helping youth achieve their goals while helping them to dream bigger.  Dream it, see it, believe it, and then achieve it.

“B.A.D. training is not just about producing great basketball players, but also outstanding student athletes.”

~ Coach Brown